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A hybrid VPN combines MPLS and VPN based on Internet security protocol or IPsec. Although these two types of VPN are used separately in different sites. However, it is possible to use both in the same place. This would be done with the intention of using the IPsec VPN as an MPLS VPN backup.

The IPsec are VPN that require some equipment by the client of some things mentioned above. This equipment generally comes in the form of a router or multipurpose safety device. Through this router or device the data is encoded and the VPN tunnel is formed as mentioned before. Comparatively, MPLS VPNs are used by an operator, through the equipment in their network.

To connect to these two VPNs, a portal is established to eliminate the IPsec tunnel on one side and trace it to the MPLS VPN at the other end. While preserving the security that this network proposes to provide.

Hybrid VPNs are used by companies mainly because using MPLS for their sites would not be the most appropriate option. There are a lot of advantages that MPLS have over public internet connections, but their cost is high. Therefore, using a hybrid VPN allows you to access the central site through a remote site. Hybrid VPNs are generally expensive, but offer great flexibility.

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